Adeno Transformation


Adeno Transformation

Book a one on one phone or skype session with Sara to get to the bottom of your unique period and hormone problems and work together to achieve your best pelvic and womb health.


Diagnosed with adenomyosis?  Start here!

Feeling overwhelmed by all the advice and info on adenomyosis?  It’s so frustrating to try so many things to get better and nothing works.  The Adeno Transformation is for you if you want to get relief from your worst adenomyosis symptoms without having to be on the pill or get a hysterectomy. 

The Adeno Transformation includes:

  • A full review of your health history 
  • Three one hour coaching sessions via phone, facetime, or skype
  • My proven resources and tips
  • Email support in between sessions
  • Help staying on track with your goals
  • BONUS- An intuitive card reading about your life and/or health

During the Adeno Transformation you will:

  • Get to the bottom of what is causing your adenomyosis symptoms and transform your adeno naturally
  • Be deeply listened to and seen
  • Heal past trauma in a safe space
  • Tune into your body, intuition, and lunar wisdom
  • Synch your cycle
  • Learn simple guided meditations/exercises for womb clearing and activation
  • Attract what you desire by energizing your womb as a creative center

We will celebrate all your future successes during our work! 

To learn more about the Adeno Transformation, schedule a free 20 minute discovery call here.  During the call we will look at your health goals, I will answer any questions, and get to know your beautiful self!