Sara Lopez is a Certified Hormone Specialist and Adenomyosis & Endometriosis Coach. Through coaching, she creates sacred space for women to find relief from heavy periods and transform their hormones. Her work blends wisdom from her grandmothers with the latest earth based techniques to support women in tuning into their bodies, intuition, abundance, and creativity.

Her inspiration for women’s hormone health coaching comes from her journey to heal herself and her family. Sara discovered that going on the pill for adenomyosis and endometriosis only made her hormones more of a hot mess. She learned from her grandmother to turn to mother earth for healing. On the journey to balancing her hormones she realized her calling was to help others find their own heart, soul, and womb wisdom.

Sara studied with the Institute for Transformational Nutrition and apprenticed with women’s health experts in New York City.  She is passionate about sharing the gems she has picked up along the way. She is the creator of the online course Replenishing Joy After IVF, a guide to tuning into your intuition, rebalancing your hormones, finding JOY again, and bouncing back after one or multiple unsuccessful IVF cycles.

“My wife was the first woman I coached in balancing hormones. She couldn’t figure out why she felt so tired and bad until she found out her hormones were completely out of whack and she had no testosterone in her body. We worked towards changing her diet and adding supplements that made a huge difference in her energy, mood, and comfort.

I remember when I first learned about periods in 5th grade. They separated the boys from the girls and told us we were going to bleed every month, down there. I was terrified, what if blood leaked everywhere? I was so embarrassed when I got my period and had to buy pads at the store. The way our bodies work is a natural, beautiful thing and I wish for all girls to be proud of getting their period. Why do periods have to be a shameful secret that we don’t talk about?

Our uterus is a sacred bowl of creative goodness that ebbs and flows with the waning and waxing moon. Let’s celebrate this…

You know that blissful feeling when you are fully in your body, you feel the warm sun and your toes sink into the sand as you listen to the sound of waves at the ocean. You deserve to feel like that every day!

I want to hear your story!”