Why Self-Care is the Key to Prosperity

Why Self-Care is the Key to Prosperity

An archetype that we women have adopted is the kind-hearted water bearer. We bring water, energy, and time to those in our lives and we are careful not to spill any water or drink it for ourselves. If we focus on ourselves we could forget to help those dear to us and they would have no water. Our culture places value on how much women nurture others. “Superwomen” are expected to cook a meal, serve themselves last, and then clean up the meal as well.

We need to drink water first before we can bring water to others. Stepping into who we are is bringing the focus back to our heart and ourselves. This opens the door to the path of the Empress. The author Christine Li describes:

Every woman can be an empress if she so decides, as long as she accepts all the consequences of her decisions and is prepared to take control of her own life. If she succeeds in developing her hidden potential and living it out, she will become an empress in her own empire. Once she has freed herself from conventional views of how a woman should be, then pleasure and power, beauty and wisdom, lie in her hands alone. But beware: the life of an empress isn’t easy. Each stage of her life presents problems and questions to which she must find her own solutions and answers. She follows her own visions, instincts, and dreams to realize her inner goals and roll out the red carpet for herself.

(The Path of the Empress, pg. 11)

It can be uncomfortable to go from self -sacrifice to self -care. It may be necessary to set boundaries to go from over giving to others to valuing ourselves first and rediscovering ourselves and our passion. Self -care is not waiting until we have the perfect house, car, or spouse to acknowledge our value, it is seeing our worth right now as we are.


Self-care visualization:

I am a radiant empress; see yourself as this and slowly walk around the room, breathing deeply, with palms out and a half smile on your face.


Self-care affirmations:

> The Empress enjoys the power of her magic.

> The Empress is wild and mysterious. (Christine Li, Path of the Empress)


Self-care actions:

What is one thing you would like to do for yourself? See if you can free time in your schedule to forgo your “to do” list to just be. Allow your creative, in love with life self to shine. What you can do for self-care is only limited by your imagination. It could be going to a movie by yourself, deciding to travel to a place you’ve always wanted to go, taking bubble baths, taking a walk in nature, or calling a friend to reconnect. It can be as simple as taking one minute each morning to feel the breeze on your face and celebrate yourself.


How is self-care the key to prosperity?

Self-care is a reflection of how open you are to receiving self -love, and abundance. It speaks to how willing you are to nurture yourself, to water the seeds of your dreams and to “just be” so you can give your dreams the time and energy to unfold.

Create one simple self-care ritual you can do every day. Do it every day for a month, and see how you prosper beyond your wildest dreams.